On the Mat at Home

So a few months ago I decided to join D in yoga classes after she sent me the schedule and fees for the studio near our place of work. It was great! I was getting stretched in places that I didn’t know could be stretched and I was working up a sweat. I also noticed that I became more mindful of how I was breathing which led to my working on slowing it down during the day. (Apparently I have been breathing shallow, panting breaths.)

Unfortunately, when the girls started school I had a difficult time fitting the classes into my day. Too bad. But I wasn’t quite ready to give up my practice so it was off to the internet to find an alternative solution and lo-and-behold I find Do You Yoga, an online community that had online classes! And they have free classes too!

I’m currently doing the FREE 30-Day Yoga Challenge and it feels great! Although the challenge can be done by beginners, just in case you’re intimidated at the thought, you can start with their Yoga for Beginners. I have to admit though that nothing beats practicing at a studio with a teacher but for now this will do.

See you on the mat? 🙂

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