Catching Up On My Newberrys 

At the start of this year I signed up for the 2016 Newberry Reading Challenge with  goal of reaching the L’ Engle level. That is a measly 15-29 points that is gained by reading Newberry Medal books (for 3 points), Newberry Honor books (for 2 points), and Caldecott Medal books (for 1 point). Eight months into the year and I have ZERO points to my name. 🙁

I didn’t want to end up in the exact same place as when I signed up for the challenge last year (with zero points), and because I needed some cheering up distraction from all the things happening in my beloved country I stopped by the bookstore this afternoon after my errands to look for a Newberry Medal book to bring home and read. The plan was one book, but see the picture up there? One ended up becoming three. 🙂 But it was almost no Newberry book because I was holding grown-up novels at one point. And then it was a Newberry and 2 novels, then 2 Newberrys and a novel, them back to 3 novels…you get the picture. I love books! And being inside a bookstore is happiness! I was walking between shelves and came upon some teenagers seated on the floor browsing books and with pained expressions on their faces knowing they could only buy one book, but how do you choose from so many treasures!? I know that expression too well. 🙂

In the end I walked out with these three books, two Newberry Medals and a Newberry Honor. I can’t wait to get started!

Do you have any suggestions on other Newberry books I should read? 🙂

Half-Empty or Half-Full?


And just like that, half the year is gone. Or I guess we can see it as half the year still ahead. Time to pause and take stock of the promises we made to ourselves at the start of the year.

When my 2016 started I chose a word to live out. That word is SOAR. I admit that’s not how I would describe how things are in my life at this point but I can say I have gotten off the ground. 🙂

Here’s to the next six months of flight.

How has your year been so far? 🙂

Last Year’s Book Challenges…and This Year’s Goals

I love, love, love reading books. Life just gets in the way of my cuddling in a corner and losing myself in pages for an entire day.

Last year I (officially) started my Century of Books challenge from Stuck In A Book. Started, but that doesn’t mean I’ve gotten anything written down. It’s actually easy to read a book, it’s the writing about it that gets me stuck and that’s another thing that I’m challenging myself to do…to write. So as last year ended I had 0 books in the bag for this challenge. But! This is a long-term thing and I’m just rolling it over to 2016. This year I hope to read – and write about! – 10 books for this challenge. 🙂

I also joined the Newberry Reading Challenge 2015 but wasn’t able to read any of the books on the Newberry Medal and Honor Roll list. And you should know me by now, I don’t give up, I just keep trying. This yearI’m trying again and I’m signing up again for the Newberry Reading Challenge 2016. I’m still only aiming for the L’Engle level…but you never know. 😉

Smiling Shelves

Do you have any suggestions of books for me to read? And what books are you planning on reading this year?

This year I will SOAR

For 3 years now I’ve stopped listing New Year’s Resolutions and instead simplified this tradition by focusing on just one word. This came about when I chanced upon One Word 365 from one of the blogs that I used to follow. The idea is to choose a word and reflect/meditate on that for the rest of the year. Live the whole year with intention, focusing on what that one word means for you.

In the last weeks of 2015 I have been praying on what my one word for this year should be. The words I had previously chosen were MOVE and FORWARD. Was I able to live the past years according to the words I had chosen? Honestly? Not entirely. 🙁 I chalk that up to forgetting about the part where I commit to living out my year with intention and focus on the word I’ve chosen. And I commit to making this year different. The word I choose is going to be my commitment to my God and to myself. Which is why I was cautious in making a choice for my ONE WORD.

And yet, no matter how I wanted to proceed with caution and choose a safe word (like joy or hope or faith) it was a different word that resonated with me.


Hmmm…Lord, SOAR? Are you sure this is what you want for me in 2016? I mean, I can barely run a 5k and you want me to soar?

My Father God believes in me more than I believe in myself, apparently. And I believe in Him. So SOAR it is. I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store for me.

How about you, friend? Do you have a one word for 2016? 🙂

Have a blessed and abundant year ahead. 🙂